Downtown Initiatives

First Baptist Church, through the work and coordination of the Downtown Ministry Committee, has defined four initiatives that reflect the talents, gifts and passions of our members. The following initiatives, described briefly, are recommended. Please consider them prayerfully to see where and how God is calling you to be Christ?s presence in downtown Chattanooga.

Homeless Persons

This initiative will connect with the Homeless Coalition and Interfaith Homeless Network to offer hospitality and encouragement to persons without homes in Chattanooga.

Life Enrichment University

This initiative will allow you to minister to downtown residents, employees and others. We will offer a wide variety of educational and enrichment activities in our facility and in other venues in the downtown area, often in connection with existing helping agencies.

Students and Parents at Battle Academy

This initiative will give you opportunities to partner with First Baptist on East 8th Street in fostering supportive relationships with students and parents at Battle Academy.

UTC Ministry

This initiative will provide you with opportunities to develop relationships with students at UTC. Activities will enable First Baptist to be a visible and active presence on campus, with special attention to students related to the Baptist Student Center.