General Schedule

  9:30 AM   Sunday School/Bible Study
10:30 AM   Fellowship Time
11:00 AM   Worship

4:30 PM   Youth Choir Rehearsal
5:30 PM   Youth  Supper
6:00 PM   Youth Bible Study  

5:00 PM   Fellowship Meal
6:00 PM   Preschool Music
6:00 PM   Children's Choir
6:00 PM   Youth Bible Study     
6:00 PM   Epiphanies (Bible Study)
6:00 PM   Wed. Evening Bible Study
6:00 PM   Handbell Choir Rehearsal     
7:15 PM   Adult Choir Rehearsal     

9:30 AM   ESL Classes 


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What We Believe

Everyone needs a place. A place to worship God with heart and mind; a place to give and receive compassion; a place to learn about life; a place to make a difference; a place to fit in and belong. We invite you to such a place... a place to connect with God as we share His love with the world.  Read more...

First Baptist Church History

Behind every institution there are people. This is especially true of a church, for a church is a body of believers, the body of Christ. In the beginning of First Baptist Church, there was one person, Matthew Hillsman, a young merchant who owned a store at Ross's Landing and was also an ordained Baptist minister. The year was 1838, a time of change.  Read more...

Church Campus Maps

A very nice printable PDF file of the entire First Baptist Church of Chattanooga campus.  View file...

The Dogwood Lodge

About thirty miles from downtown Chattanooga, you will find our church camp, Dogwood Lodge. There you can enjoy a natural setting of hills, extensive waterfront and wooded walking trails. This is a perfect way to get away from our hurried lives to worship and enjoy God's creation.  Read more...